Birth Doula Services

Research shows that doula-assisted mothers are less likely to experience birth complications, less likely to require medical interventions (such as cesareans), and significantly more likely to breastfeed successfully. Mother Nurture Wellness birth doulas have nearly two decades of combined experience attending women in home, birth center and hospital settings. Our birth doula services include:

  • Initial consult
  • Phone and in-person support throughout pregnancy
  • Weekly acupuncture treatments from week 34 on (unlimited post 40 weeks)
  • One 60-minute prenatal massage
  • 10% off prescribed herbal formulas and supplements
  • Home visit at 37 weeks
  • Support during labor, birth, and recovery
  • One follow-up visit post birth

Total Package Cost: $4400

For further questions or to set up an interview with Laura & Molly, please email us at We look forward to hearing from you!