Laura Erlich, MTOM, LAc (FABORM)

Founder & Clinic Director, Licensed Acupuncturist, Birth Doula, Educator & Published Author

Laura is the clinic director and founder of Mother Nurture Wellness, a holistic health practice dedicated exclusively to the care of women through all of the dynamic phases of her lifetime. From gynecology and women's health to the childbearing cycle, motherhood and into peri/menopause, Laura consults and successfully treats patients in her West Los Angeles center and oversees treatment in the Mother Nurture Wellness Silver Lake office at GraceFull Birth center.

Since beginning her studies in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2002, Laura’s focus has held steady on the specialty of women’s health, with a deep emphasis in the realm of fertility and obstetric care. This interest formed as a direct offshoot of her longstanding career, which began in 1998, when she started supporting women as a birth doula and pre and postnatal massage therapist. After graduating summa cum laude from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine in 2006, Laura continued on her path and founded a progressive holistic medicine practice in Southern California, specializing in gynecology, infertility, IVF support, conscious conception and prenatal care. Now, in her 18th year as an active and well respected practitioner in the Los Angeles birthing community, she continues to guide women to optimal wellness in her roles as an acupuncturist, herbalist, birth doula, writer, instructor and group leader.

Though Laura is well versed in the modalities of integrative, allopathic and functional medicine, the heart of her practice lies in the beauty and complexity of Classical and Traditional Chinese Medicine. It is through this lens that she treats each patient, facilitating balance and harmony for the body, mind and spirit with the intent to foster optimal wellness. From this state, the body’s intrinsic ability to procreate, gestate and thrive is optimized. Laura works closely with RE’s, OB/GYN’s and midwives to ensure that her patients are receiving the best possible integration of care.

Laura’s background includes extensive post-graduate education under many notable professionals in the field of Oriental Reproductive Medicine, including a full year under the tutelage of her mentor, Dr. Ray Rubio, Executive Director of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Theater Studies and English Literature from Emory University, a degree in Swedish, Shiatsu and Medical Deep Tissue massage from the Swedish Institute in New York City, and a Master’s degree in Traditional Oriental Medicine from Emperor’s College. Laura has been a board certified fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine (ABORM) since 2013. Always deepening her understanding of this complex medicine, Laura is currently enrolled in Sharon Weizenbaum’s two year mentorship program for advanced diagnostic and herbal skills.

In addition to treating patients, Laura also teaches continuing education courses on infertility, obstetrics and women’s health to acupuncturists all over the world through Pro D seminars (, in person at her clinic (Mother Nurture Wellness), and to the doctoral cohort at Yo San University. In 2015 Laura’s first book entitled Feed Your Fertility, was published with Emily Bartlett, LAc (Fair Winds Press). She also frequently publishes articles and is interviewed on multiple online journals and podcasts including, the,, (podcast) and (CBS radio). You can find more on our press page. In 2016, Laura the honor of lecturing at the Integrative Fertility Symposium in Vancouver, Canada, among many of the most esteemed professionals in the field. Upcoming in January of 2017, Laura will be offering a webinar for acupuncturists on treatment during the postpartum period through Pro D seminars.

In her free time, she is blessed to spend her life with her lively son, loving husband and ancient dog, Pablo.

Molly Sue WelchMTOM, LAc (FABORM), LMT


Assistant Clinic Director, Licensed Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist & Birth Doula

Molly has worked in the healing arts since 2008, when she earned her degree in Medical Massage Therapy from the prestigious Swedish Institute in New York City. She immediately went on to achieve certification in pre and post-natal massage, and soon found her way to the study of Chinese Medicine. In 2012, Molly earned her masters degree from Emperor’s College of Traditional Oriental Medicine, and began a practice combining her hands on skills from massage with acupuncture and herbal medicine. Soon after graduating and gaining licensure, Molly began mentoring with Laura Erlich, LAc (FABORM) a well known and respected figure in the holistic women's health field. Under Laura's tutelage, Molly was able to deepen her knowledge as a women's health specialist with an emphasis in fertility and obstetric care. Molly has received her birth doula certification through DONA and is a board-certified fellow of the American Board of Oriental Reproductive Medicine. Molly is comfortable in her role as both a general practitioner, a specialist in the areas of women’s health, fertility, the childbearing cycle and supporting women throughout the birthing process. 

Molly’s varied background includes a BA in dance, which greatly influences her philosophies surrounding working with the human body. Molly individualizes her care of each patient, “choreographing” sessions that cater to each persons specific needs, and emphasizing the importance of active participation on one’s own path toward optimal health. Her fascination with the journey to motherhood has a been a constant in Molly's life and she is humbled to utilize all aspects of her training and background in her passion of supporting women. She is honored to be invited to participate in these sacred moments and is grateful to the women and families that have invited her to share them.