“Laura Erlich is an amazing practitioner: she is a sensitive healer in body, mind and soul. I have seen her in action with many of her patients. Their needs range from infertility to delayed milk production. Laura has incredible discernment; she knows instinctively what to do to help each person individually.  There is intellect and there is the art of healing, Laura has mastered both. It is an honor and privileged for me to know her. I highly recommend Laura for all of your post partum needs. She is truly wonderful!”


Christy Whiteside, IBCLC, RLC    Lactation Consultant       NICU/Obstetrics/ Labor and Delivery    Mattel Children’s Hospital       Ronald Reagan UCLA Westwood

"I suffered from migraine headaches for forty years. Most days I woke up around 4 AM with excruciating pain.  What I remember about vacations and trips that my husband and I took were the headaches.  It was hard to enjoy anything, I functioned because I had to, and it seemed lying in bed made it worse. Migraine medicines worked, but I would have what I called a migraine hangover for a couple of days. Then I went to a lecture that Laura held and afterwards I asked her about my headaches.  She told me she had success with headaches.  Very soon after starting treatment the headache pattern changed. Within two months I was going a week or two without headaches, after about six months the headaches I got were not migraines, and were completely manageable. It has been two years since I started treatments with Laura and I am still migraine free. My life really changed. I give thanks to God for putting Laura in to my life."  

PW, age 70

"I really cannot say enough positive things about Mother Nurture Wellness and Laura Elrich. I first saw her five years ago when I was trying to get my first child out. She was overdue and my doctors were suggesting an induction, which I was trying to avoid. I saw her once and drank the herbs she gave me and it worked like magic. She even came to the hospital to help kickstart my early labor. Jump forward five years and I am seeing her once again after two years of trying to conceive another child. One cycle with Laura and I am pregnant!! Amazing! Laura has even helped me when my back was hurting she gave me a treatment and it made a huge difference. As an added bonus the office support staff is super efficient, kind, and easy to work with and the office itself is a calm and relaxing environment. I've even fallen asleep while receiving treatments which is remarkable for a chicken like me who hates needles."              


"I first came to Laura thinking about my future fertility and my life long desire to be a mother. I began with her because I needed to regulate my cycle as I had some medical things in the past that affected my cycle and never allowed me to get a period. I remember going to Laura on a Tuesday to start my regimen with Acupuncture and she provided me with so much helpful information, but most importantly made me feel hopeful and excited for my goal of getting pregnant. My cycle began instantly that Friday which was such a huge step for me based on my past. I continued with Laura weekly and loved going. The environment at Mother Nurture Wellness is so warm and inviting. They began to feel like family. The best part is, about 6 months later I became pregnant and I am due with my first baby beginning November. It's been such an incredible journey and so amazing to have Laura and the team at MNW there since the beginning. They have made this pregnancy so comfortable and I feel amazing! Laura is now my doula and will have taken this entire path from beginning to end with me. I also saw Molly for prenatal massage which was amazing! It's such a great environment for those wanting to become pregnant or who are pregnant." 


"I feel very fortunate to have been referred to Laura.   She is so insightful, knowledgeable, and wise.  Her passion for her work is evident when you meet with her. For many years I struggled with an irregular cycle.  Laura's use of acupuncture and herbs helped regulate my cycle.  Since I started meeting with her I am healthier and more attuned to my body. I am incredibly grateful for Laura's guidance, help, and support!" 


"Laura is truly one of a kind. She provides exceptional care, is extremely knowledgeable, and never turns away a difficult case, which is rare in the health industry. Laura treats you with such care and is truly passionate about her work. I started seeing her well over 2 years ago with an undiagnosed issue. She has provided continued support since then, and with her understanding of both Eastern and Western medicine, she not only was she able to finally help diagnose my issue (after over 10 years), she helped balance my hormones and actually treat my infertility. I now have a 5 1/2 month old son and am actually able to breastfeed (completely not possible per 4 specialists)!!! I owe everything to Laura and I'm so thankful I found her."


"I want to thank you for all that you have done for me over the past year to help make this dream of mine come true. You have been so wonderful and I am certain that you are one of the reasons our baby is with us today!  Thank you for being there - not only for the Acupuncture - but also for all of the counseling and guidance throughout the entire process.  Thank you for always calming me down and putting things in perspective for me during my times of panic and stress.  I am forever grateful for all that you have done and for all of your support."  


"I was referred to Molly after my second miscarriage and started seeing her for acupuncture and herbs. Upon my first meeting with Molly, I was struck by her gentle, compassionate and intuitive nature. Molly has always taken care and time to understand where I am physically, emotionally and spiritually on a particular day. 


Whether it's been acupuncture, herbs, massage or doula services, which she provided to me and my husband at the birth of our daughter this past summer, Molly fuses her intellect, creativity, compassion and love into her care. I feel a profound sense of nurturing and respect when I'm with Molly. She helped me heal after a third miscarriage, and supported my body and spirit for the entire pregnancy and birth of my now four month old daughter. I am grateful for the loving support  and generosity she has provided, and continues to provide, to my family. "