As a motherless daughter, I can attest that the strong women in my life have been my personal saviors. Having lost both of my parents before finishing college, I am no stranger to feeling un-rooted, lost and in search of a sense of belonging. I am blessed to have an amazing support system around me, but I have had to work for it, with intention and consciousness. The people who I have chosen as my tribe include, family, friends, friends-turned-family, and many have been beloved care providers.

I am grateful that my life’s work has evolved to serve and nurture women, as this work is merely a mirror of what I have come to understand as a necessity to thrive in my own life. I frequently think about the way that our society has evolved to accept isolation as the norm, rather than cherishing community, connection and care of one another as our highest priority.

The word doula is translated as “to mother the mother,” a concept that permeates virtually all traditional cultures across the globe. Yet somehow, here in the west, we leave each other to muddle through alone, often with only a virtual connection across the miles.

It is my intention to continue to work towards a day when we accept no less than a better paradigm for ourselves, our communities and our children. Until then, I will be here, offering to Mother those who need it, Nurture those who will accept it, and nudge us all to a state of optimal Wellness, in community.

With love,