Acupuncture with Laura Erlich, LAc

Acupuncture, employs single-use, sterile needles in points along specific meridians, which are selected to help elicit a healing response, balance the nervous systems and energize the body. For internal medicine conditions, Chinese herbs are prescribed to promote healing and optimal health. 


Mother Nurture Wellness is not contracted with any insurance companies, but we will happily provide you with a superbill to submit for reimbursement.  We accept all traditional forms of payment as well as Venmo and HSA cards.

New Patients

Initial Office Visit


This visit involves a detailed medical history, herb, supplement and nutrition consultation & acupuncture treatment. A copy of Feed Your Fertility is included.

·       90 Minute Session

One Month of Care*

$525 (a savings of $85)

Chinese Medicine typically involves a course of treatment of at least 4 visits. For those ready to commit to the first 4 sessions after the first appointment, we offer a $25 discount on the initial visit, along with our lowest bundle rate for the subsequent 3 sessions (a savings of $85).

Initial Office visit + 3 Follow-up Visits.

*Offered to new patients only.

Existing Patients

Follow-up Office Visit


Brief Intake, Acupuncture Treatment & review of supplement and herbal regimen

  • 60-Minute Session

Office Visit Bundle Packages*

4-pack: $460 ($115 per visit)     
6-pack: $660 ($110 per visit)     
8-pack: $840 ($105 per visit)
10-pack: $1000 ($100 per visit)

*Offered to existing patients only.

Acupuncture treatments immediately before and after embryo transfer

  • Available onsite at your fertility clinic, seven days a week 

  • Research supported Paulus Protocol employed

Acupuncture for Embryo Transfer


If you are unable to travel to our offices, arrangements can be made for treatment in your home (additional fees apply).

In-Home Appointments

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