Chiropractic with Dr. Jenny Stofer

Gentle Alignments

Holistic care is individualized care for your entire being.  The emotional components of pain are addressed. Through this type of attention, a new level of wellness and health can be achieved.  Dr. Jenny provides this through an array of chiropractic treatments and adjustments, high-grade essential oils, deep tissue release, reiki and nutritional guidance.  This comprehensive care can physiologically reduce stress in our bodies and help us function on a higher level.

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The birth process is a transformative time that invites a lot of change, challenge and growth.  Providing care throughout the stages of preconception, pregnancy, postpartum and motherhood is essential in order to fully support the woman and her child(ren).  Dr. Jenny is a certified Webster technique chiropractor. This technique was developed specifically to help optimize the pelvis in order to aid in the birth process as well to encourage proper body mechanics during pregnancy. It is especially successful in helping women who have a breech positioned baby. Receiving holistic care during this crucial time has the power to help replenish and restore the large amount of energy that it requires to bring a life into this world, allowing you to feel more vibrant and powerful in your own life. 

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For Conception, Prenatal and the Postpartum Window


Mercier Therapy

As a certified Mercier Therapy practitioner, Dr. Jenny provides help for women with pelvic pain, Cesarean section recovery and other pelvic issues (such as PCOS, endometriosis, uterine fibroids, irregular periods, painful periods, painful intercourse and pelvic scarring from Cesarean birth, surgery or trauma).  Mercier Therapy (MT) is a safe and gentle external pelvic visceral manipulation technique designed to restore the health and function of the pelvis by addressing adhesions, scar tissue, and decreased mobility of the pelvic and reproductive structures.  Mercier Therapy restores mobility and proper blood flow to the pelvic organs, which optimize their function.