Skin Styling with Erin Giugno

If you have shelves full of products that aren’t working for you or if you're overwhelmed by options, Erin’s here to help. Blending natural beauty know-how with an eye for detail, Erin will craft a routine that is effective, safe, and most importantly, designed just for you. She’s your go-to personal skin stylist and green beauty consultant.

Let’s overhaul your makeup bag to better suit your vibe. We’ll look at your current lineup and make the switch to green makeup. I aim to replace and update your daily routine, but don’t worry, your favorite lipstick isn’t going anywhere - unless you’ve moved on, that is.

The Makeup Bag Makeover

Together we will evaluate your skin’s needs while considering the environment, weather, goals, and upcoming events (such as a wedding, vacation, or planning for pregnancy) to craft a supportive, nurturing skin routine.

The Skin Cure