Intuitive Facials with Jessi Heinze

As a licensed esthetician and certified functional medicine coach, I look at skincare from a whole body perspective.

Together, we’ll dig deep into potential triggers and underlying lifestyle factors to discover what’s really going on with your skin. after our first session, we’ll develop a plan to address the root cause of any skin issues, from your diet & stress management, to creating a customized non-toxic beauty routine.

Intuitive Facials

The Standard - intro

For first-timers. this introductory facial includes an in-depth consultation along with an hour-long facial to get to know your skin. Including a full health assessment, we will take a deeper look into what your skin is trying to communicate to you. Together, we will tailor a full integrative approach to your best skin health.

The Standard - monthly

Keep it glowing. Continue on your customized skincare journey with this monthly facial. great for any skin type and best for monthly visits. 

*not for first time facials

The Current - microcurrent facial

It’s electric! Deeply relaxing & offering an immediate glow, this electric facial focuses on lifting & toning the skin while increasing blood & lymph flow to the tissues. Micro-current is an incredible anti-inflammatory treatment that preserves your youthful glow! Lift, tone, tighten, and visibly reduce the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles with this nobel prize winning modality.

We see the best long-term results with microcurrent in a series of 8 treatments, but you will see and feel the effects after just one! 

If you're pregnant, have a pacemaker, or have cancer, the current is not the facial for you - book yourself a standard facial instead