Parallel Obstetric Care, created by MNW founder, Laura Erlich, LAc, FABORM is a holistic health program offering support to the mom-to-be throughout her entire pregnancy. Drawing from 20 years of experience attending births as a doula and midwife assistant, her extensive background in prenatal bodywork and over a decade as a perinatal acupuncture specialist, Laura created this holistic adjunct program to optimize a women’s health and experience throughout the dynamic phases of pregnancy.

Parallel Obstetric Care does not replace prenatal care from your OB or midwife, but rather mindfully follows a women’s progress and helps to manage any issues that may arise along the way. Our goal is to help women achieve optimal health and comfort and to feel supported and fully informed about her choices during pregnancy and birth.

Parallel Obstetric care provides a framework for treatment during pregnancy. As always, each woman’s care is individualized and based on her unique needs.

First Trimester (Conception to Week 12)

Weekly acupuncture treatments to address common early pregnancy symptoms including:

  • "Morning Sickness"  (nausea and vomiting)

  • Fatigue

  • Anxiety, Depression and Stress

  • Recurrent Pregnancy Loss/Miscarriage Recovery

  • Guidance surrounding genetic testing

  • Late first trimester “golden needle” treatment


Second Trimester (Week 13 to Week 27)  

Office visits every 2 - 4 weeks addressing:

  • Lingering digestive issues

  • Gestational Diabetes prevention and management

  • Management of pregnancy induced hypertension

  • Musculoskelatal Discomfort (low back and hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc)

  • General health & wellbeing

  • Herbal medicine as needed

  • Late second trimester “golden needle” treatment


Third Trimester (Week 28 to Week 36)

Office visits every 2 weeks addressing:

  • Lingering and or newly acquired musculoskeletal pain and discomfort

  • Edema

  • Insomnia and disrupted sleep patterns

  • Group-B Strep Test Preparation

  • Breech Presentation (after 32 weeks)

  • Preterm Labor Prevention

  • Continued management of hypertension to avoid pre-eclampsia

  • General health & wellbeing

  • Herbal medicine as needed to address third trimester issues


Birth Preparation (Week 37 to birth)

Weekly office visits to assist in the transition from pregnancy to labor by:

  • Promoting cervical ripening and dilation

  • Balancing the nervous system for labor

  • Supporting amniotic fluid levels

  • Emotional support and mentorship surrounding fears about labor and birth

  • Promoting the natural onset of labor (post 40-weeks)

  • Herbal medicine to help prepare the body for labor


Labor Support

Getting labor going can often evoke a great deal of stress as the due date approaches, especially in light of current trends pushing women towards induction and other interventions prior to 40 weeks.  Acupuncture, herbs, chiropractic care and other hands-on modalities gently coax a woman’s body into the natural onset of labor, and promote an efficient and productive labor progression.

Once a contraction pattern is established, out team is available for labor support at your home, or wherever you are birthing. Please call our office for more details, or speak to your therapist at your next appointment. 

*Onsite labor support is for existing patients only.

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Perhaps the most underestimated aspect of childbirth are the days and weeks immediately following childbirth. While new babies take center stage, it is often lost on caregivers that another birth has also occurred, the birth of a mother.

A new mom faces many challenges that need care and support as she heals physically and emotionally from birth while simultaneously caring for a newborn; facing the challenges of feeding, sleep deprivation, hormone changes and emotional ups and downs. The adage of “mothering the mother” is never more crucial than during the first postpartum weeks, commonly referred to as the “Forth Trimester.”

Chinese Medicine has many methods for nurturing a new mother, from “mother roasting” (moxibustion), herbal compress and teas, nutritional guidance, tuina/bodywork, acupuncture, and good old-fashioned nurturing, listening and support.

We are honored to support your postpartum journey with in-home or office visits to address anything that may arise, including:

  • General birth recovery

  • Vaginal healing

  • C-section recovery

  • “Baby blues”

  • Postpartum depression and anxiety

  • Lactation and Breastfeeding (supply, mastitis, blocked ducts, “let-down”, thrush, etc.)

  • Exhaustion

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