What is acupuncture?

Acupuncture is an ancient form of medicine that involves thin, single-use, disposable needles, which are placed in specific points on the body.  Points are located along channels of energy, called meridians, and are chosen based on whatever is happening that day.

 Is acupuncture safe in pregnancy?

 Yes! Acupuncture is a gentle, effective and safe modality for the entire childbearing cycle, from pre-conception through the postpartum period.  That said, it is especially important to choose a practitioner with extensive experience in obstetric acupuncture.

How does acupuncture affect my fertility?

 Research shows that whole-system Chinese Medicine (WS-CM), which consists of acupuncture, herbs and lifestyle modifications, is associated with significantly increased live birth rates. This is particularly true for women undergoing IVF or other assisted reproductive therapies. WS-CM is more beneficial than acupuncture on the day of embryo transfer alone. 

Should I have acupuncture on the day of my embryo transfer?

 A 2002 study showed a 16.1% increase in pregnancy rates when a woman receives acupuncture immediately before and after embryo transfer.  We often accompany our patients to their fertility clinics and perform onsite acupuncture.  We do, however, strongly recommend acupuncture for at a minimum of 1-2 cycles prior to IVF, and into the first trimester of pregnancy for optimal results.

 Do I have to take herbs?

 Herbs are an integral part of the whole-systems Chinese medicine approach. In fact, doctors in China treat internal conditions like infertility with herbs alone.  In the west, we tend to combine both herbs and acupuncture for the best effect.  If you have concerns about herbal medicine, please discuss them with us! We are here to help and support you on your healing journey and want you to feel enthusiastic about your treatment plan. 

How often will I need to come in for a treatment?

Treatment frequency depends on the condition being treated. 

For example, fertility patients typically receive treatment once a week for the duration of their fertility journey, with a slight increase in frequency before and during IVF.  On the other hand, someone with acute back pain might make 2-3 visits in a short period of time, or until the condition is resolved.

Does acupuncture hurt?

In short, not much!  Most people compare receiving acupuncture to having an eyebrow plucked.  Our goal is to make your experience as pain free as possible, with a total resolution of discomfort once all needles are in.

How long do appointments take?

New patients  should expect to spend approximately 90 minutes at their first appointment, which includes a full assessment, herbal consult and acupuncture treatment.

Follow up appointments last about one hour, and consist of a brief intake and acupuncture treatment.

Additional services, such as cupping, may be added on in 30 minute increments.

Can I exercise on the same day I have acupuncture?

It is fine to exercise on the same day as an acupuncture treatment, though ideally acupuncture should be done after exercise rather than before.

Do you take insurance?

Mother Nurture Wellness is not contracted with any insurance companies and we do not direct bill for services.  We are, however, happy to provide you with a super- bill to submit to your insurance company for reimbursement.

Payment is due at the time of service. We accept traditional forms of payment as well as Venmo and HSA cards. 

What is a super-bill?

A super-bill is an invoice that contains both diagnosis and service codes that can be sent directly to your insurance company for reimbursement.

For any additional questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.