Herbs & Supplements with Laura Erlich, LAc

Herbal medicine is a vital aspect of Chinese medicine. In fact, in China, all internal medical conditions, including infertility, are treated with herbs alone - acupuncture is reserved for more superficial conditions, like musculoskeletal disorders.  In the west, most practitioners combine herbs and acupuncture to create a more lasting impact in addressing the whole person.

Mother Nurture Wellness carries an extensive inventory of Chinese herbal medicines and nutritional supplements. We prioritize stocking herbs from companies who take the highest possible measures to provide safe herbs, tested extensively for heavy metals, pesticides and contaminants.  Our granule pharmacy allows us to customize formulas to meet individual needs, and our pharmaceutical grade capsule formulas offer unparalleled strength and efficacy.  We apply our  extensive background in the use of herbal formulas for conditions that range from the common cold to women’s health, including: fertility, pregnancy, gynecological disorders, peri-menopause, autoimmune and psychiatric disorders.

Our supplement pharmacy is stocked based on the most up-to-date data available, with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade products on the market.


Herbs and supplements consult: $175 (no acupuncture, can be done remotely)

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